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What is the difference between educational therapy and tutoring? 

It’s kind of like this

If you give a child a life jacket, you can be certain they won’t

drown while wearing that. Tutoring is educating in a specific

subject and is helpful in that sense.



Educational Therapy is like teaching the child to swim; so, he/she does not need supports but can learn independently. It is based on 40 years of effective intervention and therapy techniques that enable the brain to think more efficiently. It strengthens cognition, emotions, perception and of course, academics.


What is educational therapy? 

We train students with average to above average intelligence and help them develop their weak cognitive areas. It is very effective. The certified therapist works with them twice a week for 90 minutes at a time. The parent participates with work at home too (Rhythmic writing- it teaches cursive and other things; you would need a chalkboard.)


How much does it cost?

The cost is $500/month for 10-month year, totalling at least 60 sessions.


How long is a student enrolled in Educational Therapy?

 In about 3 years- less in many cases, depending on the child, they "graduate" from the program and are better equipped in thinking skills and their academic scores are more even. I require a psychological before we begin educational therapy, or at least a learning aptitude test (if the psych is too expensive). 


How would I enroll my child in Educational Therapy?

1.    Have the student take a psychological test, either the:

a.     Woodcock Johnson Test of Cognitive Abilities IV Edition or

b.    Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children V Edition

     This testing is administered by a psychologist and parents give a copy of  the evaluation report to the educational therapist.


2.     The rest of the foundational testing should be done by the educational therapist. It includes the following tests:

  • Woodcock Johnson Tests of Achievement IV and

  • NILD Informal Tests including:

  • Goodenough Harris Draw A Person Test (informal assessment)

  • Bender Test of Visual Motor Skills (informal assessment)

  • Draw a Clock

  • Alphabet/ Numbers

  • Days/ Months

  • Writing Sample/ Dictation and Copy​


This testing will take about two or three 2-hour sessions to complete.  The therapist then complies a report on the student’s scores, noting individual strengths and weaknesses, and determines if educational therapy would be recommended for this student. The therapist then meets with the parent to discuss findings. This “Initial Testing and Evaluation Report” costs $450.


3.    Parents who decide to proceed with educational therapy, then sign a contract for the year, pay the materials fee ($100) and decide on a starting date and times for therapy. A chalkboard will be needed at home.

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